Six Things You Can Do Now For International Overdose Awareness Day - End Overdose Colorado

Here are six things you can do right now to commemorate International Overdose Awareness Day:

1. Wear Purple. Show your support by wearing purple to honor those we lost and promote an open dialogue about Colorado’s overdose crisis.

2. Get Naloxone. In nearly 40% of overdose deaths, someone else was there. Having Naloxone on hand allows bystanders to intervene and be lifesavers. Find Naloxone.

3. Attend an Event. There are events all over Colorado happening today for overdose awareness. Find an event.

4. Send a Recovery Card. A simple card can make all the difference to someone in recovery for addiction or working towards recovery. Find a free card.

5. Post a Tribute. Did you lose a loved one to an overdose? By remembering them, we give power to their story and help keep precious memories alive. Share their story.

6. Download OpiRescue. This free app walks you through recognizing the signs of an overdose and using Naloxone, plus other resources. Get the app.